Buddha Foundation

Buddha Foundation

1COM, a telecom provider has announced support for building a training center for disadvantaged youth, and a meditation center.

Buddha Foundation Meditation Retreat Center

The Buddha Foundation Meditation Retreat center will be a peaceful environment, teachers will help with difficulties and freedom for one to choose the meditation technique that works best for him or her.

The Buddha Foundation Retreat Center will have minimal chanting or ceremonies as more time can be devoted to formal meditation practice.

Being under the powerful influence of capitalism, globalization and greed, most of human society has become ineffective and lacking peace. Dharma/Righteousness has deteriorated rapidly. News of wars and killings in media has become a daily event, the global society with increasingly violent tendencies. There has been a constant decline in traditional community and family values. Human beings have become confused and many are looking for a way out of this turmoil.

Why Meditation?
Meditation or Mental development is a device that avoids evil, bad deeds and defilement and is also a relaxation technique that achieves a state of profound relaxation, inner harmony, increased mental awareness, result in deep experiences of self-realization. In addition, it is one of the ways to bring peace to the world.

Some general benefits gained from Meditation practice:

* Helps us to calm and focus our mind and to achieve happiness and patience
* Creates various mental qualities: happiness, humbleness and kindness
* Supports us to face all problems and difficulties with confidence
* Improves our ability of working and learning
* Trains our breathing for healthy living
* Is the way to attain Enlightenment
* Protects us from Evil

Buddha Foundation IT Training Center
1COM intends to establish a IT training Institute and working campus community. Staffed by local IT Professionals who have years of experience in the IT industry. This IT Institute will recruit Disadvantaged Orphans and Teens and provide Web-Development training to the underprivileged.

Company Overview

1COM founded in 1991 in Santa Barbara, CA is a provider of Telecom Hardware. With offices in China, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

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